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Welcome to Holistic Harmony - Thrive With Tamara
"Discover Your Path to Joy, Clarity, and Healing—All Under One Roof"

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Struggling to Find Balance and Joy?

🌿 Feel like you're always on the go, but getting nowhere?
🌿 Overwhelmed by emotions you can't articulate?
🌿 Tired of the same old negative patterns?

You're not alone. Life can often feel like a whirlwind of responsibilities and emotions. Amidst all the chaos, finding your inner sanctuary is both a challenge and a lifeline.

Your Journey Starts Here

Hello, I'm Tamara. It's my mission to help you find your inner sanctuary. Whether it's through original abstract art, therapeutic sessions, or transformative coaching programmes, there's a space here for every soul yearning to thrive.

Original Abstract Art

Get lost in the layers, colours, and emotions of original pieces. They're not just eye-catching; they touch the soul.


Emotions on Canvas

Express yourself through therapeutic art—even if you've never lifted a paintbrush. Uncover layers of emotion and find clarity in colour.


Reiki Healing

Tap into universal energy to clear blockages, restore balance, and rejuvenate your body and mind.


 Ear Candling

Experience a time-honoured practice to cleanse your ears and invigorate your senses.

Gua Sha Facials

This beauty treatment goes beyond skin-deep, aligning your physical and emotional well-being.

Master Happy – Level Up Your Life

Our signature happiness coaching programme. Reclaim your time, rewrite your story, and rediscover the joy in everyday life.

EFT Tapping

Rewire your mind by releasing pent-up emotions and limiting beliefs. It's time to set yourself free.

Why Choose Holistic Harmony?

When you work with me, you're not just a client—you and your happiness mean much more to me than that.

  • ✅ Personalised Service

  • ✅ Highly Skilled Practitioner

  • ✅ Proven Techniques

Ready to Thrive?

Get in touch today for your free 30-minute consultation. Your path to holistic healing starts now. You can e-mail me at

The Artist Sees What Others Only Catch A Glimpse Of
Leonardo da Vinci

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