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About Tamara

Hi, I'm Tamara (pronounced Tamra)

I am from Carlow, in the South East of Ireland.  I'm an Abstract Artist, Accredited Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Ear Candling Practitioner and Therapeutic Art Coach.

Imagine spending 21 years in the rigid world of corporate accounting, only to find yourself in a hospital for nine weeks, grappling with a complex mental health diagnosis. That was my 2021. The depth of that darkness was suffocating, each thought heavier than the last, affirming my worst fears that I was worthless, a burden.

Leaving the corporate world shook me to my core, as if I'd lost a part of myself. The sense of identity I had carefully constructed over two decades seemed to evaporate overnight, adding another layer to my emotional turmoil. But from that pain, my life's mission crystallised: to act as a beacon for others lost in that all-consuming darkness. If I can help even one person rise out of that mental abyss, I’d consider my life’s purpose fulfilled.

Finding solace in art has been nothing short of transformative for me. Acrylics became more than just paint; they were an extension of my emotions, each stroke a release of something held too long inside. I've also found joy in other creative outlets like crocheting and sculpting clay—safe havens that keep my spirit alive. And yes, I sing—but let's just say, that performance is exclusively for my own ears!


When life's complexities overwhelm me, it's my family that brings me back to what's essential. My husband and two teenage sons are my steady lighthouses in unpredictable seas, their presence a constant reminder that I'm never navigating life's challenges alone. They offer both solace and strength, giving me the courage to face another day, no matter what it may bring. And then there's Timmy, our fluffy companion, who adds a sprinkle of playfulness to our lives, proving that joy can be found in the simplest of moments.

So here I am: not an accountant lost in financial statements and deadlines, but a woman who has traversed emotional deserts to find her oasis. Today, my life is a simpler, more holistic tapestry, woven tightly with love from my family and a steadfast resolve to help others escape the consuming darkness that once enveloped me.

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