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Original Acrylic Painting On  Gallery Wrapped Canvas,  50cm x 50cm x 4cm.  Unframed, gloss varnished to preserve and protect.  Ready to hang as is, or you can have it framed at your local framers.`

Whispers of joy, soft and light,
Creep into hearts, banishing night.
Each stroke, a tender, loving call,
A vibrant rally to enchant us all.

Blue’s calm promise, pink’s gentle kiss,
A myriad of dreams we often miss.
The whispers rise, a hopeful flight,
Turning the darkest corners bright.

In every splash, in every line,
There lies a peace almost divine.
A secret language, just beneath,
Where joy breathes life, and hope bequeaths.

Here, in the spectrum of delight,
Through the abstract, we find our sight.
The whispers of joy, ever so slight,
Hold us close, with their radiant might.

So let the colours gently sway,
Through the whispers that they convey.
For in this dreamscape, wild and free,
We find the joy, we long to be.


** Mock-ups for illustrative purposes only, and are not to scale, please review sizing above.

Whispers of Joy

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