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Original Acrylic Painting On  Gallery Wrapped Canvas,  66cm x 50cm x 4cm.  Unframed, gloss varnished to preserve and protect.  Ready to hang as is, or you can have it framed at your local framers.`


Raging Clarity

Raging clarity, a stormy sea

A tempest wrought within my mind

Amidst confusion's howling gale

A truth is there for me to find


The crashing waves, a fierce display

Of turmoil, tumult, and unrest

Yet through the chaos, I can see

A path to what I deem my best


So though the waters may be wild

And winds may toss me to and fro

I'll ride the surging waves with pride

And let this clarity guide me so


** Mock-ups for illustrative purposes only, and are not to scale, please review sizing above.

Raging Clarity

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