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Original Acrylic Painting On  Gallery Wrapped Canvas,  50cm x 50cm x 2cm.  Unframed, gloss varnished to preserve and protect.  Ready to hang as is, or you can have it framed at your local framers.`


Joyful Perseverance 

A burst of pink and green, a painting of hope,

A reminder that we have the strength to cope,

Through trials and challenges, we push on,

With each step forward, we feel more strong.


The joy of perseverance, it fills our soul,

As we work towards our ultimate goal,

And when we finally reach the end,

We know our efforts were worth the spend.


So let the colours of pink and green,

Remind you of the power you hold within

With joyful perseverance, you can achieve,
Anything you set your heart to believe.


** Mock-ups for illustrative purposes only, and are not to scale, please review sizing above.

'Joyful Perseverance'

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