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Original Acrylic Painting On  Gallery Wrapped Canvas,  50cm x 50cm x 4cm.  Unframed, gloss varnished to preserve and protect.  Ready to hang as is, or you can have it framed at your local framers.`


A canvas comes alive with colours vivid and bold,

Cantering a lotus, imperfect, a story yet untold.

Its petals may waver, but its base spells courage clear,

A prologue to the life truths we often fail to hear.


Perfection is a myth, a tale we wrongly seek,

Ignoring the power that lies in being unique.

What seems an error is oft a hidden form of art,

A sign of the resilience that dwells within the heart.


True strength isn't sterile, free from stain or scratch,

It’s the courage to persevere, to catch the dreams we hatch.

Resilience is not the art of dodging every blow,

It’s standing strong despite the weight of sorrow and woe.


So let go of the dream of flawless, of impeccable grace,

Your imperfections are the treasures no one else can trace.

Much like your lotus, a bit awry but shining bright,

You're a masterpiece of 'flaws,' glowing in your own light.


When you find yourself lost in the maze of perfect’s snare,

Think of your imperfect lotus and the beauty it lays bare.

For just like that magenta bloom, awash in colour’s play,

You are an eternal work in progress, perfect in your own way.



** Mock-ups for illustrative purposes only, and are not to scale, please review sizing above.

Imperfectly Perfect: The Lotus Within

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